After graduating from the photography program at the Fashion Institute of Technology (New York) in the early 1980s, I spent the following six years apprenticing with commercial photography studios in the photo district of New York. Perhaps the last two years of which, I worked almost exclusively with some of the best large format shooters in New York, and therefore the world. In 1987 I opened my first studio in New Jersey. Talent, hard work, and dedication have proved to be a successful combination.

I shoot mostly digital, with a Phase One H20 studio digital camera, delivering a 48 megabyte file, or 96 mebabyte in 16 bit color. If the image still needs to be larger, I shoot 4x5 film. I work for advertising agencies and corporations directly. My forte is still life, although Art Directors that I have a track record with use me for other specialty areas such as food, people, industrial and architectural location.

Personally, I am an obsessive perfectionist. People with this particular distinction are often affectionately referred to as anal. I Qualify. I approach photography with very intense dedication and compassion.

I contribute a lot in terms of experience and problem solving. I have a savvy understanding of what works and a very high taste level. I understand lighting and composition, and I can recognize the aesthetic feel and message of a project, therefore contributing in a more whole sense to the over all success of it.

My hope is that, by visiting this website (which I share with my wife and illustrator Lori Anzalone) you will get a sense of who I am. I invite you to call or email me russell @ with any questions. Even if it's just to tell me what you think of the web site. I can think of nothing that would please me more than to shoot your next project.

Russ Avarella